Polyethylene wax in thermal adhesives and melts

Polyethylene wax in thermal adhesives and melts

The glue has a complex structure and unique properties. Manufacturers are trying to achieve fast drying, elasticity, strength, moisture resistance and other characteristics depending on the purpose of the adhesive. Such results can be achieved only by creating various compositions from a variety of components - a basic polymer or binder (ethylene vinyl acetate -EVA is most often used), a block copolymer or polyolefins, resins and others. One of the components is polyethylene wax.

In adhesive compositions, polyethylene wax plays an important role as a plasticizer. This allows to obtain an elastic substance. In addition, it is able to regulate the maximum softening temperature, but at the same time leave the basic qualities of the adhesive solution unchanged. It is also worth noting that polyethylene wax interacts perfectly with the polymer base.

The melt adhesive obtained by adding polyethylene wax has good frost resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and thermal stability, anti-slip coating, good fixation, high adhesive strength.

The main advantages of using polyethylene wax in thermal adhesives and melts

  • Increased infiltration and adhesion;

  • Increased strength;

  • Improved performance after maturation;

  • Adjustment of opening time and curing time;

  • High compatibility (polarity adjustment);

  • Surface characteristics (glossy, smooth, no precipitation);

  • Better thermal stability (does not affect the color of the resin, does not turn yellow);

  • Polymer with high molecular weight (low volatility, no migration).

We recommend the brands of polyethylene wax Plastowax E 15P/G (200TD) for the production of thermal adhesives and melts.

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