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Polyethylene wax is used in various industries to solve a wide range of tasks. The most common areas are the production of candles, dyes, lubricants, polishes, cable braids. You can ask our technologist a question, he will advise you on the use of PE wax in your field.


It will allow:

  • To minimize costs

  • Еo use polyethylene wax as efficiently as possible in your production

Forplast offers more than 10 types of polyethylene wax. Each of them differs in its composition and characteristics. It is important to know the following characteristics, selecting wax for use in your production:

  • chemical properties

  • viscosity

  • density

  •  melting point, etc.

An incorrectly selected component can disrupt the entire technological process and entail large losses. Therefore, it is very important to get professional advice from specialists. Our employees have special education and extensive work experience. It guarantees an objective analysis of the situation and the selection of the most optimal solution for the use of polyethylene wax in your production.

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