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Laboratory research is an integral part of any research and production process. Our own laboratory equipment and access to the laboratory base of various research institutes allows us to provide ourselves and our partners with full information technology support for production processes.


●        New production equipment

●        Stable technical performance and quality

●        Competitive price, without intermediaries

●        Modern laboratory equipped with Matest equipment, Brookfield, A&D

●        30 types of polyethylene waxes

●        Conducting scientific research and development

Our company has its own laboratory equipped with equipment from MATEST, BROOKFIELD, A&D. It gives us unlimited opportunities in the field of research and development of polyethylene wax. Thanks to this equipment, we have achieved outstanding results and currently sell more than 30 types of polyethylene wax on the market. Each of them has its own characteristics, differs in degree of viscosity, melting point, density and other characteristics. Each client can choose for himself exactly the product that will meet his requirements.

Thanks to our own laboratory, we not only offer ready-made solutions, but also develop individual recipes in accordance with customer requirements. This is necessary in cases where ready-made solutions are not able to provide the desired result. Changing just one component can change the characteristics of wax, reduce the cost of its cost without compromising quality and instantly solve the task. In addition, we can examine the sample already available to the customer and provide information technology support for production processes.

Each recipe is tested in the laboratory on special equipment. The chemical composition and properties of the developed product are thoroughly investigated. As a result, the client receives his order, which meets all standards and fully fulfills the tasks set.