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Do you want to develop or improve your product? Do you want to replace one component with another more affordable one? We offer the development of recipes for your requirements. This is a unique service that will not only optimize costs, improve the quality of products, but also always be one step ahead of its competitors.

Forplast has been developing, studying and selling polyethylene wax for more than 6 years. Thanks to our own laboratory, we have developed more than 10 types of wax and know absolutely everything about it.

Based on in-depth knowledge, we develop unique recipes for our clients and allow them to achieve the desired characteristics. This is necessary in cases where ready-made solutions are not able to provide the desired result. Changing just one component can change the characteristics of pe wax, reduce its cost without compromising quality and solve the task.

The recipe is developed based on the client's requirements in accordance with existing standards. Our specialists receive all the necessary information, conduct a comprehensive analysis and get to work. High-tech equipment with extensive capabilities is used for development. This excludes any inaccuracies. The well-coordinated work of professionals guarantees the fulfillment of the order in the shortest possible time.