• Main applications

Forplast is a manufacturer of polyethylene wax

Since 2014 Forplast has been among the major manufacturers of polyethylene wax in Russia. Our Company uses the direct synthesis and thermal destruction methods. We manufacture more than 10 types of polyethylene waxes with different molecular mass, melting points and melt viscosity.

Further, our Company’s activities are aimed at investigation of synthetic waxes, search for new recipes, and broadening of the scope of their use.

We ship our waxes to Latin American, European and Asian countries. We are always seeking for new partners.

We have operated in the market for 6 years
We offer 10 types of waxes
We are at your service all around the clock.

Advantages of cooperation with our Company

New production machinery
Stable technical performance and quality
Modern laboratory equipped with Matest, Brookfield. A&D equipment
10 types of polyethylene waxes
Research and development