Dye concentrates (masterbatches)

Polyethylene wax in super concentrates of dyes (masterbatches)

Nowadays super concentrates are used in all typical plastic production processes. They can be found in extrusion, injection molding and blow molding processes. A high-quality masterbatch, manufactured in compliance with technological standards, allows for uniform and stable staining of the surface of plastics. It is the qualities of uniformity and durability that are influenced by such a component as polyethylene wax. Polyethylene wax is well compatible with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, organic additives and dyes.

In the production of dye supercenters, polyethylene wax plays the role of a plasticizer. Such a technological solution is guaranteed to increase the percentage of pigment in the total mixture. At the same time, important properties such as plasticity and the possibility of subsequent processing are preserved.

Polyethylene wax added to the masterbatch improves the compatibility of the system with the pigment, enhances wetting and penetration of agglomerates, which contributes to better dispersion. Improving the wetting properties of the pigment with wax leads to an increase in color rendering. The addition of polyethylene wax to the mixture significantly increases the color fastness.

Typically polyethylene wax of medium viscosity is used as a dispersant in a dosage of 5% -15%.

The use of polyethylene wax in the manufacture of dye concentrate not only has a positive effect on the properties of the product, but also significantly reduces processing costs. First of all, this is due to less wear on the equipment and a higher production rate of the final product.

The main advantages of using polyethylene wax in the production of masterbatches

  • Improved wetting characteristics;
  • Increased manufacturability of production processes;
  • Excellent dispersing ability;
  • Higher pigment content in the mass;
  • Excellent thermal stability;
  • Improved polymer flow properties.

We recommend the brands of polyethylene wax Plastowax E 12P (50P), Plastowax E 12G (50G), Plastowax E 15P/G (200TD), Plastowax E 19P/G (600TD) for the production of dye supercenters.

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