Rubber compounds

Polyethylene wax in the production of Rubber products

The use of polyethylene wax in the manufacture of rubber products is due to a number of factors. The group of products of rubber products includes rubber tires for vehicles, various hoses, roofing membranes and many other common products that are often found in everyday life.

Rubber is inherently difficult to process and mold due to its high viscosity. Rubber is also susceptible to decomposition and exposure to ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light. Therefore, various additives are used to improve the machinability of rubber and reduce its destruction under the influence of the external environment. A traditional additive used to improve the machinability of rubber and increase the resistance of rubber compounds to ozone is polyethylene wax with a viscosity (at 140 °C, MPa * s, ASTM D3236) of 20-40.

When processing rubber, polyethylene wax is used to improve the dispersion of the filler into the system and reduce shrinkage. This increases the speed of extrusion molding and the fluidity of the mold, which facilitates easy removal from the mold and improves the surface quality of products after peeling. The recommended dosage is from 2 to 10% (depending on the degree of filler loading).

Moreover, the use of wax significantly improves elasticity, increases the wear resistance of the final product.

In addition, the wax adds shine to the final product.

The main advantages of using polyethylene wax in the production of rubber products

  • Compatibility with elastomers;

  • Good lubrication / easy removal from the mold;

  • Excellent rheological properties;

  • Chemical inertia with good electrical properties;

  • There is no harmful effect on the curing rate;

  • Minimal effect on mechanical properties;

  • Improved filler dispersion.

We recommend the brands of polyethylene wax Plastowax E 12P (50P), Plastowax E 12G (50G), Plastowax E 13F (175F) for the production of Rubber products.

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