Polyethylene wax in candle production

Polyethylene is active used in the manufacture of various candles. This decision is fully justified and is explained by the unique properties of polyethylene wax. It is worth noting that a huge number of various candle products are currently being produced. The main part of it is occupied by decorative and church candles.

During the manufacture of paraffin decorative candles, polyethylene wax is added in order to reduce fragility and give an attractive appearance. This is important when transporting candles, when surface defects often occur and the candle looks unsightly already in the package.

In addition, the wax helps to evenly distribute the color. Polyethylene wax plays the role of a dispersant here. Since paraffin loses its ability to retain the dye when cooled, wax helps to distribute the dye in the paraffin mass, thereby fixing the color and preventing the formation of stains. It also gives candles a beautiful gloss.

In addition, polyethylene wax increases such an important indicator as the melting point during production.

As for church candles, the addition of polyethylene wax is carried out in order to give them hardness so that the candle does not crumble and does not soften, thereby retaining its shape with moderate mechanical action.

The use of polyethylene wax in candles significantly increases the quality of the final product: when burning, the candle does not deform, less swelling forms at the base of the candle - it does not "cry", the candle burning time increases. Gorenje gorenje.

In the manufacture of candles, polyethylene wax also performs the function of an external lubricant for molds. Adding wax to the candle mass allows you to quickly extract the finished product, increasing productivity.

Polyethylene wax in the total composition of the material in most cases is 1-5%.

We recommend the brands of polyethylene wax Plastowax E 12P (50P), Plastowax E 15P/G (200TD) for the production of candles.

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Polyethylene wax is one of the components of various candles. Its percentage in the total composition of the material in most cases does not exceed five percent. The addition of PE wax is carried out to give the base material the necessary characteristics.