Polyethylene wax has found active use in the manufacture of various candles. This decision is quite justified and is explained by the unique properties of polyethylene wax. It is worth noting that there is currently a huge amount of all kinds of candle products. The main part is occupied by decorative and church candles. In each type of candles, polyethylene wax performs a separate function.

During the manufacture of paraffin candles, polyethylene wax is added in order to reduce brittleness and increase plasticity. In addition, PE wax increases such an important indicator as the melting point. As for church candles, the addition of polyethylene wax is carried out in order to give hardness and retain shape with moderate mechanical action on the candle.

Polyethylene wax is one of the components of various candles. Its percentage in the total composition of the material in most cases does not exceed five percent. The addition of PE wax is carried out to give the base material the necessary characteristics.