Printing inks

Polyethylene wax has a number of unique characteristics, therefore, the list of industries in which it is used increases every year. One of the important areas in which it is impossible to do without polyethylene wax is printing. In this direction, the key role is played by the brightness of paints, their durability, drying speed and other characteristics. To achieve this, it is necessary to follow the technological process and mix a number of components.

The addition of polyethylene wax to printing inks is carried out to improve their quality. Wax, evenly distributed in the composition of the paint, significantly improves adhesion. In other words, it promotes the connection of dissimilar materials in close contact. Thanks to this unique property, it is possible to effectively mix all the necessary components and achieve the desired effect. It makes it possible to produce high-quality printing ink that is resistant to the influence of external negative factors.