PVC compositions

Polyethylene wax in PVC

Polyethylene wax is actively used for the manufacture of various PVC compositions and products made of PVC pipes, window profiles, wall panels, lining, siding, cable ducts, as well as foamed products.

PVC is a thermally unstable polymer. For its effective processing, additional additives, stabilizers and additives, including lubricants, are required.

Both oxidized and non-oxidized polyethylene waxes are used as lubricants.

Non-oxidized wax is used as an external lubricant and heat stabilizer. Coming out of the melt, it forms a lubricating layer at the boundary of the plastic melt with metal, reduces friction during extrusion, and protects the mixture from sticking to hot metal parts of the equipment.

Polyethylene wax also prevents rapid discoloration of heat-sensitive PVC and gives shine to the surface of the finished product.

The molecular chain of oxidized polyethylene wax has a certain number of carbonyl and hydroxyl groups, so it has high solubility with fillers, pigments and PVC resin. Due to this, the wax acts as an internal lubricant for PVC.

Polyethylene wax affects the melt flow rate, reduces the load on the screw, and prevents its rapid wear. Wax also ensures the most uniform distribution of substances in the mass of PVC compositions.

The recommended input level varies from 0.1 – 3.0 m.h. per 100 m.h. PVC resin, depending on the amount of filler. However, due to the large number of possible fillers and combinations of various components, the optimal level should be determined in each case separately.

Non-oxidized polyethylene wax Plastowax can also be used for the production of transparent PVC packaging. Plastowax is non-toxic, has a tolerance for contact with food (Expert opinion No. 413-CA dated 02/19/2018).

The main advantages of using polyethylene wax in the production of PVC compounds and products

  • High-performance lubricant;
  • Excellent dispersant of fillers;
  • Excellent separating agent;
  • Significantly improves the surface quality;
  • Heat stabilizer;
  • Prevents rapid discoloration of PVC.

We recommend the brands of polyethylene wax Plastowax E 12P (50P), Plastowax E 12G (50G), Plastowax E 13F (175F), Plastowax E 15P/G (200TD), Plastowax EO 110/10 (OPE10) for the production and processing of PVC.

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