Road materials

Modified additives in road construction

The condition of the roadway may differ significantly on certain sections of the highway. This is due to a number of external and internal factors, including the quality of the materials used during installation. The coating structure must be sufficiently plastic to withstand heavy loads and at the same time maintain a monolithic structure. It is the wrong composition of the roadway that can cause cracks, pits, ruts and other signs of premature wear.

In order to avoid the described problems, polymer substances should be included in the composition of the roadway.

We recommend the modifying additive Plastobit, produced on the basis of modified polymer waxes, in an amount of up to 1.5% in bitumen roofing and protective mixtures to achieve a combination of hardness characteristics, high melting point and exceptionally low melt viscosity. The addition of an additional amount of synthetic wax additive leads to a significant improvement in fluidity during hot firing procedures, stimulating the formation of a smooth and glossy coating with additional water-repellent properties.

Plastobit is injected into bitumen heated to a temperature of 160-180 ℃ with constant stirring. With an optimal polymer modifier content, the required thermal stability of bitumen is guaranteed. A spatial grid or framework is formed, which changes the coagulation structure of bitumen.

Modern and promising technology is widely used in many countries, as it has a number of pronounced advantages. The main ones are: quality, increased service life of the coating, financial profitability. It is also worth noting that the use of a modifying additive in this area has only positive aspects and does not entail negative consequences.

The main advantages of using bitumen modifying additives in road construction

  • Reduces the laying temperature. Plastobite at temperatures above 105 ° C is completely soluble in bitumen;
  • Increases the heat resistance. Reduces the negative effects of low temperatures;
  • Forms a mesh structure during asphalt cooling;
  • Improves strength characteristics, reduces track formation;

Plastobit is a binder that affects the mixing processes of all components.

We recommend modified additives in bitumen Plastobit Titan, Plastobit 2.0, Plastobit 430F for road construction.

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