About the company

Forplast LLC. was established in 2014. We are specializing in research, production and sale of polyethylene waxes. From the beginning, we are engaged in researching and introduction advanced polyethylene waxes in different markets. Our modern equipment allows us to produce several types of waxes to meet our customer’s needs. We use 2 methods of production of pe waxes: thermal degradation of polyolefins raw materials and refining of Low Polymer Wax from polyethylene production. Our R&D center is under working on new types of waxes – OPE waxes, Amide waxes, Wax's compounds. Our attitude to business and high quality products allows us to have strong business relations in domestic and import markets.

Sales network

Our Company’s products are shipped all around the world – we deliver waxes to CIS, Latin American, European and Asian countries.