Plastowax F175
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Flakes of 10х10mm dimensions.

Drop point, °C, ASTM D127-08

105 - 113

Dynamic viscosity at 140°C, mPas, ASTM D3236

10 – 80

Penetration at 25°C, 10-1mm, ASTM D1321

≤ 11

Acid value, mgKOH




Quality control
Plastowax has a technical passport for each batch. Each batch of polyethylene wax passes control.
Processing additive
Plastowax performs the role of an effective processing additive, increases productivity and energy efficiency of the production process.
From primary raw materials
Plastowax is made from primary raw materials. Every batch has stable quality.
Effective dispersant
Plastowax has excellent dispersing ability, promotes the connection of dissimilar materials.
Increases strength
Plastowax increases the strength and hydrophobic characteristics of the product, affects the increase in the service life of the final products.
Controls the viscosity of the alloy
Plastowax effectively controls the viscosity of the alloy, allows both to increase the viscosity and to thicken, depending on the selected brand.
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